How our Skills-based Training Works

Our background is in corporate learning. We’ve administered learning platforms and understand the enormous amount of work it can be to configure an LMS or LXP. We believe learning platforms need to be practical in the set up, administration, delivery, and usability. 

Customizing content to a learner’s interests and needs is important because a key component to learning is self-motivation. But, we also understand that organizations are living, changing entities and employee skills are key to a business’s success. Organizational priorities can change quickly which require a shift in required skillsets.

With MYNTIX™, we allow companies to offer individual learning opportunities while easily allowing administrators to adjust focus to the current skill development needed to support the organizational strategy.

Assign Skill or Competency Categories

laptop displaying competency/skill field to enter in order to track

With MYNTIX™ you can work within your existing structure. Do you have a skills matrix? A competency matrix? Or skill outlined in your job profiles? Use your organization’s existing language and know what skill you want to measure.

To measure a skill, enter the skill(s) to be assessed in the appropriate field at the course, module or  question level. As employees take courses, their skills matrix will build itself based on their results.

The ability to assign skills at each level within a course allows more than one skill or competency to be measured within the same course. This feature accommodates cascading skills.  

The skill/competency field can be left blank and won’t be tracked. You control what you measured.

Our default goal is 80% to competency. If you do nothing else, the skills you’ve tagged will be tracked according to performance in the courses the learner takes.

Set Goals by Position

Performance goals can be set by position and course recommendations can be customized. This allows the organization to easily measure the same skill but set different targets for different positions.

Choose the position, set the goal and the action to take if the learner is meeting the goal or not.

Recommend courses within that skill to further develop proficiency if goals aren’t being met or recommend other skills for enhanced development if the employee is above goal.

Easily change these options when needed to reflect organizational priorities.

laptop with information on how to set goals

Track Skill Development

Analytics 4

MYNTIX™ automatically tracks skill development as learners complete courses. The goal is marked and our visuals allows for easy viewing of progress.

Development is tracked in real time, increasing or decreasing as courses are taken.

Organizations can compare employee development by skill and position. This easily allows companies to compare performance and identify skill gaps within positions. 

Automatic Course Recommendations

Once goals are set, customized course recommendations appear on the employee’s course grid.

Recommended courses appear first, as courses are completed, new recommendations appear.  Employees aren’t automatically enrolled in courses because we believe learners need to take charge of their learning and own their development. 

Their skill/competency development tracking changes in real time as courses are completed.

MYNTIX feature course recommendations

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