Whether it be a bank, credit union, mortgage brokerage, securities company, or other organizations that provide financial services, regulatory training is critical to the industry. Yet, so often employees speed through their annual training to ensure completion, but are CCO’s and owners really sure their employees understand the content? Whether it be anti-money laundering, privacy, CASL, or other regulatory training, companies face huge consequences if they are found to be non-compliant. This industry also deals with complex processes and procedures. Ensuring employees are processing information properly is critical from a legal and customer service standpoint. Soft skills and sales skills will greatly affect the bottom line in this industry, but like other sales and service industries, time away from work for training means trading improved skill development for short term revenue. With MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning, companies can train employees, provide consistent messaging, and reinforce regulatory training throughout the year, increasing knowledge in this critical area without losing time and money. In minutes a day, employees can enhance their knowledge, improve their sales skills, and owners can track progress and completions easily and affordably.