Industries where MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning can make a Difference

Although each industry may have key training needs, MYNTIX™ makes training so easy to complete and administer, there are endless opportunities for organizations to onboard and enhance their employees’ knowledge and skill.

MYNTIX™ Mobile Learning really spans across any industry. Our value comes from the ability to provide efficiency, consistency, effectiveness, and affordability for small to medium sized businesses. With our easy to use authoring tool, organizations can provide a range of topics to meet all of their organization’s training needs. Industries such as construction, manufacturing, transportation, mining, and oil and gas, have important requirements around safety and procedures. Being able to quickly send content to multiple user at once allows for efficient use of training time and effort. Sales training is key to industries such as automotive and the retail/sales industries. Financial services and insurance industries have strict regulatory requirements while educational institutions, professional associations, and training companies can add value to their students/members/clients by providing flexible, convenient ways to access learning reinforcement materials. The food services industry, call centres, and municipal governments benefit from customer service training.


Providing a competitive advantage in today’s tight market.

Call Centres

Easily accommodating continuous learning opportunities.


In minutes a day, employees can enhance their knowledge.


Enhance the learning experience for students.

Financial Services

Regulatory training is critical to the industry.

Food Services

Busy environment makes it difficult to hold effective training sessions.


Creating efficiencies and alignment among franchisees.


Share processes and procedures to preserve critical business information.


Train employees, without disruption to the production line


Benefit from the quick, efficient learning opportunities.


Onboarded quickly and effectively.

Oil and Gas

Knowledge to work safely and efficiently.

Professional Associations

Continuous improvement opportunities efficiently and affordably.


With high turnover onboarding new employees is critical.

Training Companies

Tracking progress of skill development.


Driving knowledge in a way that fits into the driver’s schedule.

The MYNTIX™ Mission: We develop technology that helps people reach their full potential. MYNTIX™ is a mobile learning platform that revitalizes organizational training through the delivery of scheduled short bursts of learning content straight to your phone via text or email. MYNTIX™ brings training to employees in a way that integrates learning into their daily work lives, allowing them to effectively practice their new skills on the job.