MYNTIX™ is owned and developed by Peppermint Technologies Inc.

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Peppermint oil is known to refresh, energize, help with memory and increase focus. We decided to name our company Peppermint because we want to help refresh learning in organizations and energize people to continuously develop. With our modern approach to learning, learners will more easily retain knowledge and increase focus on applying their new skills.

Our Purpose:

We help people become their best selves.

Our Mission:

We help companies save time and money by providing the tools and flexibility companies need to develop their employees.

Our Values:


We build genuine relationships with our clients, community, and each other.


We are committed to being responsive to the needs of our clients and community while creating conditions where people can do their best work.


We freely innovate, create, learn, disrupt, and collaborate.


We approach every day with a desire to continuously improve our lives, our mindset, and our business.

Our Founder & CEO:

Image of Koreen Mak, Founder and CEO of Peppermint Technologies Inc.

Koreen Mak, M.A., B.Ed., HRAC, CPHR

Koreen spent a decade managing all the training and organizational development activities for a credit union that grew from 200 to 900 employees through a series of mergers. The type of training needed at any given time varied considerably: technical training for an organization with many different types of positions, merger related training (she managed through 3 large mergers and several smaller ones), and soft skill/leadership development training. She grew her department from 2 employees to 8 by the time she left the organization and led the development of in-person training as well as developed a robust e-learning environment. Through her career, Koreen developed organizational learning strategies, created training material through a variety of channels, and has trained subject matter experts to become instructional designers. She’s also implemented and converted many different learning management software systems. Because of this vast experience, Koreen has a strong theoretical knowledge of learning balanced with a practical experience of managing training in an organization that had complex learning needs with a highly geographically dispersed workforce. This background has expertly prepared her to understand the pain points of organizations trying to develop their employees. More important, she understands the issues from the perspective of an administrator, an author, an expert in learning practices, a user, and a manager. All these stakeholders have shared but also differing views and needs in regard to training. Koreen developed MYNTIX™ with the goal of allowing organizations of all sizes to develop effective learning opportunities for their employees. 

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